The idea of "Basic Capability Equality"

We live in a world in which the just distribution of goods plays a main role and, along with the idea of human rights, is considered a prerequisite for freedom. Control over one’s choice of lifestyle is extremely important and an expression of individual freedom. This option is usually not under individual control, but is influenced by outside factors, like politics and social circumstances. 

Freedom can be viewed from different perspectives. Amartya Sen does not focus his theory of justice on usefulness and financial indices, but on individual freedoms and the ability to realize available opportunities. An essential element and requirement for equal opportunities is to ensure fundamental rights, like economic

opportunities, political freedom and access to social facilities, because these contribute significantly to strengthening general opportunities for self-determination and, thereby, individual freedoms.

We believe that this understanding of social justice proposes an alternative which deserves close attention. The theory aims at an individual’s ability to decide on his/her preferred way to live and behave. This understanding of equal opportunities of self-determination is substantiated as “Basic Capability Equality”. Emphasis should be placed on enabling one to lead a self-determined life according to one’s individual nature. 

Take advantage of your opportunities

Project Mongolia

We are very proud to be able to demonstrate an example how we could implement the idea of “Basic Capability Equality” at the Mongolian school Tolit.

For the last decades, Mongolian high motivated teachers and students have been working very hard to improve their language skills. But the traditional frontal teaching is set limits because of the shortage of adequate school books and well-trained English teachers. Online technologies can help to gain unhindered access to learning. They address issues of educational equity and open democratic and accessible opportunities. When used correctly, advanced learning platforms make training more interesting and novel; improve the contents through new technologies in training make students able to introduce, use and share worldwide information and knowledge enable students to improve their self-development, self-learning and learning together extend skills to the common standard of Mongolian and international society.

Letter of appreciation

Dear Chancen durch Lernen,

We want to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your support and financial assistance for our Tolit school over the last 5 years. We thank you for your interest, and the time you spend for this important project. Your valuable commitment is essential to our work. 

In 2017, we were awarded “The best school in Ulaanbaatar”. We know that we could not have achieved this level of success without your help. 

The money that Chancen durch Lernen has distributed between February  2013 and Dezember 2017, has gone directly to projects, that provide better learning environment to our students: building two computer labs with 42 computers in total and internet enabled implementing effective e-learning for English and IT lessons, a fully equipped Science lab and the Shorts Hall were finally built after 20 years.

Chancen durch Lernen’s funds have also gone towards buying books and equipment, and supporting our graduates by contributing to their university tuition fee.

Congratulations for the efforts