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About us

The charitable organization, “Chances through Learning” was founded by a circle of long-time friends and colleagues. Our particular professions, like jurisprudence, economics, philosophy, and sociology, as well as personal experiences in different cultures, have made us acutely aware of disparate opportunities and freedom of choice. We are convinced that people should not be passive recipients of charity, but active catalysts of change. We can only offer our diverse experience and expertise, as well as financial support, when it is reasonable and is desired by the recipients.

We, personally, are grateful to have had the opportunity to develop our abilities and consider it a challenge and moral obligation to fulfill our social responsibility. Our purpose is, therefore, to help less fortunate individuals realize their person aspirations by supporting education and global knowledge transfer.

Der Verein hat seinen Sitz in München.


Der Vorstand führt die Geschäfte des Vereins ehrenamtlich. Er setzt sich zusammen aus: 

Dr. Carola Black, Vorsitzende

Herbert Löffler, Stellvertreter

Joseph von Ranke, Schatzmeister



Chancen durch Lernen e.V. 

c/o Dr. Carola Black

Berggeist 6

82418 Murnau am Staffelsee

Outline of the statutes



§ 1 The charitable association Chancen durch Lernen enrolled at the register of association at the Local  Court Munich, VR 204531.  


§2 Purpose, Charitable Character and Domestic Reference of the Association


This association was founded to promote education and upbringing, especially of young people whose access to global educational standards is only possible under difficult conditions. The name of the association indicates its goal to provide young people with equal opportunities, regardless of their ethnic origins and nationalities.


 The purpose of the statutes will be realized by

a) obtaining financing and materials and passing them on to other corporate entities for their sole and immediate use according to the statutes and tax-exempt purposes. Educational institutions should be equipped with the necessary teaching materials, and teachers need to be supported by good didactic materials available in the electronic media.

b) constructing and maintaining communication networks between teachers and pupils. Knowledge transfer in disadvantaged regions should be facilitated through e-learning platforms.

c) the association promotes intercultural exchange to ensure comprehension and maintenance of cultural values by supporting cultural institutions. It supports pupils and student exchanges and promotes integration.